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oTaYy Da NaMe Is DaNyEa 17 yEaRz YuNg ApRiL bAbY (tAuRuS) cOlLeGe BoUnD sTuDeNt HaTe AgGy PpL sO dNt B iGgY cUrReNtLy A mmBR oF jDj eNt. Ta FuRtHeR uR kNoWlEdGe HiT mE:: fAcEbOoK;;dAnYeA bRoWn OoVoO;;BiTtYlUv92 AiM;;lIlBiT858... mYcAmPuSfAlL09.CoM/


Monday, October 5, 2009

I tHiNk It Is ImPoRtAnT tO cOnSiDeR tHe AuThOrS CrEdEnTiAlS aNd AfFlItIOnS bEfOrE tHe ReSoURcE bEcAuSe .........

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